Marksmanship Hunter talents are fairly straight forward. We typically run the same setup for both raid and mythic+. Below I talk about the different talents we take and the reasoning behind each.

Master Marksman

Tier 1 (Level 15)

Master Marksman is essentially a required talent for both single target and AoE. It smooths out our Trueshot windows and our general game play. Without Master Marksman, the rotation feels extremely clunky and Focus starved. Serpent Sting and A Murder of Crows also do very little to contribute to AoE so Master Marksman is the only relevant Mythic+ talent in this row.

Careful Aim

Tier 2 (Level 30)

Careful Aim serves as both an execute and a "reverse" execute. This talent provides very high burst damage, as well as solid execute damage. This is by far our best single target and AoE talent if played around properly. To use this talent correctly, always strive to Aimed Shot high health mobs (>80%) or low health mobs (<20%) to maximize Aimed Shot damage. This also means that you should try to line up Trueshots at the start of a pull or in execute range.


Tier 3 (Level 45)

Camouflage is used in almost every dungeon. It’s an excellent way to RP as a rogue. The healing it gives is also nothing to scoff at, and is an easy button to push to top yourself off and to help your healers out.

Hunter's Mark

Tier 4 (Level 60)

Hunter's Mark is currently our best single target talent. It competes with Streamline depending on target count. Generally you want to place Hunter's Mark on the priority target, prior to the pull. Unfortunately it's on the GCD, making it rather cumbersome to use sometimes. Remember that Hunter's Mark also generates Focus when enemies die with it, so use this to your advantage to generate some Focus going into the next pull or boss. Never re-apply Hunter's Mark during Trueshot.

Binding Shot

Tier 5 (Level 75)

Binding Shot is huge in M+. An 8 sec root gives tanks a break and allows them to be topped off. It’s also a god-like ability for Affixes such as Necrotic. It does not work on some mobs so be aware.

Lethal Shots

Tier 6 (Level 90)

Lethal Shots is generally your go-to talent in this row. Now that we have a ton of extra Haste and excess Focus (especially if you're running Lucid minor) we can cast extra Arcane Shots and Multi-Shots during downtime rather than casting Steady Shots. Taking Lethal Shots nets more Rapid Fires for us per minute compared to Double Tap (once per minute) so its generally better in most situations.

Calling the Shots

Tier 7 (Level 100)

Calling the Shots is the best talent in both single target and AoE situations. It effectively reduces our Trueshot by about 40 sec. Paired with Vision of Perfection minor, Trueshot essentially becomes a 1 minute cooldown. This not only significantly boosts our DPS and Trueshot frequency, but it gives us way more flexibility in dungeons. Remember if you don't have any Aimed Shot or Rapid Fire procs, use Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot to reduce your Trueshot cooldown!

Situational Talent Usage

Natural Mending



Your go-to talent in this row will always be Camouflage. It’s stealth is very useful in dungeons, allowing you to skip certain packs. It also gives you passive healing, which can be used to heal yourself in between packs, instead of eating food, or to help your healer top you off (think Grievous weeks).

The only situations I would use Natural Mending over Camouflage would be in dungeons where an insane amount of incoming healing is required, and having 1 or 2 extra Exhilarations may make or break the dungeon. Some examples that come to mind are Galvazzt, in Temple of Sethralis and Overseer Korgus in Tol’dagor on Tyrannical.



Hunter’s Mark

Hunter's Mark is generally better in every situation. Unlike Hunter's Mark, Streamline is dependent on Trickshots (which means it has target limitations as well). In terms of damage, Hunter's Mark beats out Streamline in the 1-2 target range. Streamline then pulls ahead in the 3-5 target range. Due to Streamline's target limitations, Hunter's Mark once again pulls ahead after 6+ targets. Thus, from a DPS perspective, Hunter's Mark is better in the majority of scenarios.

Aside from damage, let's speak to the usability of each talent. Hunter's Mark feels very clunky to use since it's on the GCD. It's typically fine to use pre-pull but can be rather cumbersome mid pull (typically isn't worth re-applying unless targets will last more than 10 sec). Streamline on the other hand feels better to use and eliminates the additional GCD we have to use with Hunter's Mark. The downside of Streamline is that the increased duration of Rapid Fire screws with our Trueshot windows. Regardless, Streamline isn't that far behind Hunter's Mark so if you don't feel like using Hunter's Mark, using Streamline is fine, just not optimal. I recommend playing with Hunter's Mark in most situations if you're trying to min/max.

Lethal Shots


Double Tap

In previous tiers, Double Tap was the go-to in dungeons because it's an on-use ability as opposed to Lethal Shots which is RNG based. On-use abilities and trinkets are almost always better in dungeons because you are able to control your burst. However, this tier Marksmanship Hunters are able to reach a high amount of Haste (especially when stacking Expedient corruptions), giving us more Focus to cast Arcane Shots and Multi-Shots. Due to this fact, Lethal Shots has surpassed Double Tap in most situations (especially with higher levels of gear and a more ideal setup). Lethal Shots now nets more Rapid Fires per minute compared to Double Tap and is generally the go-to in every situation.
If the talent comparison is not listed above, you should always use the default talents. The standard talent build is talked about here.

Stat Priority

Versatility >= Mastery > Critical Strike = Haste
Versatility is Marksmanship’s best all around stat. Versatility simply increases your damage by a flat amount as well as decreases your damage taken. For Marksmanship, Vers is very close to Mastery in terms of value, but unlike Mastery, Vers gives you a damage reduction component, making it slightly better than Mastery for Mythic+.

Mastery for Marksmanship Hunters simply buffs the majority of our abilities passively. It also slightly increases our range on our abilities.

Critical Strike
Marksmanship Hunters prefer raw damage boosts through Mastery and Versatility as opposed to stacking Crit like Beast Mastery Hunters do. Crit is inversely proportional to Haste for Marksmanship Hunters – it is currently our worst stat in single target situations but gains value in AoE.

Haste is a very good stat for Marksmanship Hunters, more so in raid compared to dungeons. Haste reduces cast time of most of our abilities such as Aimed Shot, Steady Shot and Rapid Fire while speeding up Aimed Shot’s recharge rate. Haste is inversely proportional to Crit for Marksmanship Hunters – it is one of the worst stats for AoE but gains value in single target. While we don’t typically want to gear for Haste passively, Expedient corruption that gives Haste percent works very well for us due to the many Haste procs we have such as In the Rhythm, Overwhelming Power, Trinkets and more. It also increases proc rates from corruptions such as Infinite Stars (the primary reason why Haste is more valuable in raid vs dungeons).


Some professions give you access to gear, while some give you access to some unique utility that’s useful within dungeons. Below is a list of items that are useful in dungeons, followed by my recommended professions for Mythic+.

  • Belt Enchants – Personal Space Amplifier & Miniaturized Plasma Shield (Engineering)
  • Battle Rez – Unstable Temporal Time Shifter (Engineering)
  • Keys – Scroll of Unlocking (Inscription) & Monelite Skeleton Key (Blacksmithing)
  • Drums – Drums of the Maelstrom, Fury & Mountain (Leather Working)
  • Repair – Auto-Hammer & Jeeves (Blacksmithing/Engineering)
  • Speed Potions – Lightfoot & Skystep Potion (Alchemy)
  • Invisibility Potions – Demitri’s Draught of Deception, Skaggldrynk & Draenic Invisibility Potion (Alchemy)

Profession Recommendations


Engineering is a crucial profession for Hunters if you plan to do Mythic+ seriously. It gives you access to both the Ultimte Gnomish Army Knife, Unstable Temporal Time Shifter and multiple belt enchants that provide unique utility. The most notable of which is the Belt Enchant: Personal Space Amplifier which displaces a target a short distance. This is extremely useful, especially for BM and SV Hunters who do not have a displacement ability (Marksman Hunters have Bursting Shot).

Leather Working

Leather Working isn't a must have, however it's very nice to have and can provide you with some nice pieces of gear if you're lacking. With Leather Working, you can create BiS pants and boots with sockets (assuming you don't have any Titanforges + Sockets). It also gives you access to the Mallet of Thunderous Skins which gives you unlimited Drums. Hunters do have access to Bloodlust via our pets, but in most cases, our utility pets are far too valuable to give up, and often times its a waste to dismiss/resummon our pets every time we need Bloodlust. The alternative to Leather Working would be Jewelcrafting.

Enchants & Consumables


Weapon Enchant - Masterful Navigation
Masterful Navigation is generally the go to for Mythic+ for Marskmanship Hunters. It's a straight damage boost for us which is always welcomed.

Ring Enchant - Accord of Versatility
Versatility should almost always be gemmed and enchanted, however you should always sim for the most accurate results.


AoE Potion - Greater Battle Potion of Agility
This is your standard go-to potion, however it excels in AoE. In cases of large AoE (think Shrine), you may use Potion of Empowered Proximity, however note that you have to be in melee range.

Single Target Potion - Potion of Unbridled Fury
This is your best option for pure single target. It lasts a minute so be sure you are able to get full use of it. It also scales with haste so always try to use it during Bloodlust.


Personal Food - Abyssal-Fried Rissole
More Mastery is good! You can also use Bil'Tong (Vers).

Feast - Sugar Crusted Fish Feast
Sometimes, personal food takes too long to eat. If you need a quick buff or some quick health generation, use these!


Flask - Greater Flask of the Currents
Pretty standard, we want that Agility. You shouldn't really use any other Flask. On super high keys, a Stamina Flask maybe be used to survive some hits (think final boss in Tol'Dagor)

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