Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Below is a breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses that Hunters have in Mythic+. It is good to know both your strong points as well as your weaknesses so you can play to your strengths when doing keys.


Beast Mastery is the most mobile class in the game and able to dodge mechanics with ease while still dealing damage. We are "Mechanic Whores" so to speak, able to deal with mechanics with ease, without losing anything. This especially compliments classes such as Holy Paladin that have to do melee things.
Consistent damage from pack to pack thanks to Bestial Wrath. Aspect of the Wild is on a longer cooldown, but with Rapid Reload, it turns into a very frequent cooldown (can have multiple AotWs per pack depending on the size of the pull).
Hunters have one set of talents that are used for almost any situation. This allows you to deal both single target and AoE damage without sacrificing much on either end. Unlike some classes that are typically only good at single target or AoE, we are fairly strong at both.
Spirit Mend provides excellent off healing, and is on a separate GCD from our own.  Disengage,  Feign Death, and Aspect of the Turtle allow us to ignore a bunch of mechanics that most other classes have to deal with. Misdirection is an excellent tool to help with tank threat (especially on Skittish weeks). Primal Rage provides the group with an actual Bloodlust, as opposed to using drums. Beast Mastery and Survival Hunters have the ability to both Soothe and Purge. And finally, Hunters have a large selection of crowd control to choose from, including Freezing Trap, Tar Trap, Intimidation, Concussive Shot and Binding Shot (Which is one of the best CCs in the game).


Pet AI remains one of the most frustrating issues with Hunters. Pets will often get stuck, take weird pathing, or just bug out. While most of these situations are avoidable, it remains an issue and can be cumbersome, especially with Beast Mastery Hunter's Animal Companion talent.
We are so-to-speak, a jack of all trades but a master of none. While fairly strong in single target and sustained AoE, with many options for more burst or cleave, the diversity does not lend itself toward excelling in any particular area like some other specializations (i.e Fire Mage and Burst damage).
Perhaps one of Hunter's biggest issues defensively is our lack of damage reduction tools. We are one of the squishiest classes in terms of damage taken. We do have a TON of healing options at our disposal, but once you get into higher keys, taking less damage is much more important.

Best Races for M+

Below is a breakdown of the optimal races to play for M+. While damage between the races is largely minimal, each race does bring certain utility which can help depending on your faction.


Quickness and Touch of Elune are useful, but the real reason you want to be a Night Elf is for Shadowmeld. Many times you need to perform death skips, or you accidentally get aggro by mistake. Shadowmeld allows you to perform skips or drop aggro when you otherwise couldn’t. It works very similar to Feign Death so as a Hunter, it’s not necessary to be a Night Elf, however, it can be useful for the occasions when Feign Death bugs out or happens to be on cool down.
Lightforged Draenei currently do an immense amount of damage using their racial Light’s Judgment. It does a fair bit of damage in single target situations, and an amazing amount of damage in AoE situations, so much so that it is considered an additional cooldown. The racial is very useful on large packs and can be used every 2 min. As an added bonus, Lightforged Draenei gets Light’s Reckoning, dealing additional damage if you happen to die.
Dwarves gain a fair bit of damage through their passive Might of the Mountain, but the primary reason to be a Dwarf is for Stoneform. There are multiple poisons, curses, and other afflictions throughout Battle for Azeroth dungeons and Stoneform can easily dispel them, making it easier on healers and possibly saving your life. In addition, Stoneform gives you an additional 10% Armor which can be used as a small defensive against physical abilities.


Blood Elves are desired purely because of Arcane Torrent. Many dungeons in Battle for Azeroth have mobs that require dispels, often times multiple dispels per pack. Having at least one Arcane Torrent in your group is almost a necessity.
Troll is one of the best pure DPS races on Horde side. Berserking gives you some strong on-use burst when paired with cooldowns. Defensively Troll's aren't amazing but they do have Regeneration and Da Voodoo Shuffle, which provide a bit of passive health regeneration and reduce the duration of movement impairing effects respectively.
Tauren is the best pure DPS race for BM Hunters. They also have War Stomp which stuns up to 5 enemies for a small duration of time. It is primarily used for interrupts. Be careful as it shares diminishing returns with other stuns. Tauren also have the Endurance passive, giving them more base health. More health is always welcome in M+ environments.

Best Classes to Play With

Unless you plan on doing super high Mythic+, it really doesn’t matter what classes you play with. Until you get super high, any class is really viable. Of course there will always be a meta and an “optimal” composition. If you are interested in playing with the best possible setup for Hunters, I’ve listed the best classes to play with below.

Best Tanks to Play With

Mitigation and Damage
Warriors take the least amount of damage out of any tank, and deal the most damage. They also bring Spell Reflect which, by itself, speeds up certain packs/bosses tremendously.

Damage Buff
Warriors bring Battle Shout! While scrolls do exist, you get 3% more Attack Power with Battle Shout, which can make a difference on higher keys.

Group Utility
Warriors bring Battle Cry - a group defensive cooldown - as well as Intercept and an AoE fear in Intimidating Shout.
Mitigation and Damage
Similar to Warriors, BrM Monks take a fair bit of damage, but are able to Stagger it. This lets healers have a much easier time and smooths out incoming damage. They also do a large amount of damage.

Increase Enemy Damage Taken
Monks bring Mystic Touch! This increases your overall damage by 5%. Unlike warriors, you cannot buy this in a scroll, so Monks are amazing to have for damage purposes.

Tons of Utility
Monks have insane utility in the form of Ring of Peace, Leg Sweep, Detox, an AoE taunt/speed taunt with Black Ox and Provoke respectively, as well as Paralysis and Transcendance to setup certain pulls.
Group Healing
Paladins do not have nearly as much mitigation as Warriors and Monks. However, they make up for it in healing. Not only can they heal themselves, but they help heal the party as well.

Interrupts Galore
What's one of Hunter's weaknesses? A ranged interrupt. Lucky for us, Prot Paladins bring a million interrupts. Between their standard Rebuke and the resets they get from Avenger's Shield procs, you should always have enough interrupts.

Group Utiilty
Paladins bring an insane amount of group utility between Freedom, Blessing of Protection (or Spell Warding), Hammer of Justice and Blinding Light. They also have unique abilities such as Divine Shield which lets them immune abilities and ignore certain affixes such as Necrotic.

Best Healers to Play With

Damage and Healing
Druid HoTs are unique in the sense that it allows them to be able to do consistent damage while still healing. They have DoTs such as Moonfire and Sunfire or can hop into Kitty form to throw some Swipes while still outputting a good chunk of healing.

Ridiculous Utility
Druids have incredible utility. They have an external in Iron Bark. Nature's Cure which can dispel magic, curses and poisons. They have a Soothe. They have Typhoon and Ursol's Vortex which can be used to help tanks or move mobs out of Sanguine. They have Hibernate, Mighty Bash, Stealth, Roots and Wild Charge. And to top it off they have a Battle Rez!

Mobile/Ranged Healer
Druids have very good mobility since most of their healing is instant or in the form of HoTs. They're also ranged, so they can help you out with certain mechanics (this also means you don't HAVE to do everything!).
Insane Damage
Holy Paladins do insane damage with their cooldowns. Not only do they bring damage, but most of their damage is crazy priority target damage, which helps burst down rough mobs.

Unique Utility
Paladins bring a ton of group utility between Freedom, Blessing of Protection, Hammer of Justice and Blinding Light. They also have unique abilities such as Divine Shield which immune certain abilities.

Yin and Yang
Hunters pair extremely well with Paladins. We have utility such as Binding Shot and Soothe that they lack. We can also do many mechanics they can't since they're a melee healer.
Burst Damage and Healing
MW Monks do insane burst healing and damage simultaneously through Way of the Crane. They need a bunch of targets for this to happen, but when they pop off, they pop off!

Increase Enemy Damage Taken
Monks bring Mystic Touch! This increases your overall damage by 5%. Unlike warriors, you cannot buy this in a scroll, so Monks are amazing to have for damage purposes.

Tons of Utility
Monks have insane utility in the form of Ring of Peace, Leg Sweep and Detox. They also have Paralysis for CC and Transcendence for instant mobility.

Best DPS to Play With

Required Utility
One of them is a MUST if you hope to do higher keys. They have insane utility in the form of Sap, Blind, Gouge and Between the Eyes (or Garrote).

Sneaky Boys
Rogues obviously have Stealth, but the important ability they have is Shroud of Concealment. This allows the entire party to skip parts of dungeons which are difficult or time consuming. They also have Vanish which allows them to drop combat for Battle Rez or to ignore certain mechanics.

Consistent Damage and Survivability
Rogues have consistent damage from pack to pack, and deal excellent single target and AoE damage. Rogues in general are also one of the tankiest DPS classes around. They have Vanish, Feint, Cloak of Shadows and Crimson Vial all of which allow them to ignore a ton of mechanics similar to Hunters.
Huge Burst Damage
Unholy DKs bring an insane amount of damage during their cooldowns, which scales exponentially with mob count. The bigger you pull, the bigger the damage.

Unique Utility
DKs have a unique ability called Death Grip which makes them extremely useful for positioning certain mobs. They also have Chains of Ice which is very useful to slow mobs. Of course, they also bring a Battle Rez which Hunters lack as of Battle for Azeroth.

DKs are also a very tanky DPS class due to their healing ability. If they take damage, they're able to Death Strike and heal themselves. Icebound Fortitude and Anti-Magic Shell also allow them to ignore many abilities that most classes have to deal with.
Consistent Damage
Similar to BM Hunters, WW Monks have Storm, Earth and Fire on a very short cooldown, allowing them to do consistent damage throughout the dungeon.

Increase Enemy Damage Taken
Monks bring Mystic Touch! This increases your overall damage by 5%. Unlike warriors, you cannot buy this in a scroll, so Monks are amazing to have for damage purposes.

Tons of Utility
Monks have insane utility in the form of Ring of Peace, Leg Sweep and Detox. They also have Paralysis for CC and Transcendence for instant mobility.
I do not recommend playing with any Ranged DPS. The lack of interrupts and utility can hurt in some dungeons. Elemental Shamans are an exception to this due to their shortened interrupt cooldown.


In Shadowlands, there aren’t really to many advantages to going one profession over the other in most cases, aside from economical gain. Below is a list of items that are useful in dungeons that are obtainable regardless of your profession, followed by my recommended professions for Mythic+.

  • Belt Enchants – Personal Space Amplifier & Miniaturized Plasma Shield (Engineering)
  • Battle Rez – Unstable Temporal Time Shifter (Engineering)
  • Keys – Scroll of Unlocking (Inscription) & Monelite Skeleton Key (Blacksmithing)
  • Drums – Drums of the Maelstrom, Fury & Mountain (Leather Working)
  • Repair – Auto-Hammer & Jeeves (Blacksmithing/Engineering)
  • Speed Potions – Lightfoot & Skystep Potion (Alchemy)
  • Invisibility Potions – Demitri’s Draught of Deception, Skaggldrynk & Draenic Invisibility Potion (Alchemy)

Profession Recommendations


Engineering is the only profession that's crucial to have if you plan to do Mythic+ seriously. Similar to previous expansions, it gives us some unique tools which make dungeons way easier in general. Below are a few of the unique and useful tools that only Engineers have access to.

  • Ultimte Gnomish Army Knife is actually a rather old item that we've been using for years. It has a low chance to resurrect a fallen party member and it doesn't count as a battle rez! You should always try this out first in case you get lucky, it may save your butt!
  • Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator is Shadowlands version of the Engineering battle rez. Similar to previous expansions, it has a very low chance to backfire (sub ~1%). This is almost essential for Hunters since we don't have access to a natural battle rez.
  • Dimensional Shifter is a new type of Engineering item added in Shadowlands. Who needs Rogues anymore when we can stealth ourselves?! This is quite a cool item especially for classes that have no form of stealth. Hunters have Camouflage though so we don't really need to have these on hand typically.
  • Damage Retaliator allows us to attach an enchant to our belt that, when activated, deals a small amount of damage to enemies attacking you. This isn't a major deal considering we shouldn't be getting attacked (or else blame your tank) BUT, it does help a tad so it's worth equipping since Hunters typically don't need the stealth enchant.

Important Macros for Hunters

Hunters need a good deal of macros to perform optimally, due to how the class works with pet interactions (with the exception of Marksman). Having the below macros will make your life easier, and help you to control your pet better.

Pet Attack
(BM and SV only) Include this command in multiple abilities. This forces your pet to swap to your current target. I recommend adding this to Kill Command, Multi-Shot and Bestial Wrath. Kill Command and Barbed Shot innately have a /petattack function built into them and will automatically charge your target (I keep /petattack on Kill Command to have a 2 in 1 function for simply telling my pet to attack if Kill Command is on cooldown). I do not advise adding this to Cobra Shot.

#showtooltip Multi-Shot
/cast Multi-Shot
Basic Attacks
(BM only) Currently there is a small bug with pets, where the in-game “auto-cast” system for Hunter pets is slow and does not use pet abilities when available, despite having Focus to cast them. It is recommended that you put these 3 lines into macros for all of your offensive abilities. I recommend having 2 Cobra Shot macros (one with this, and a plain one).

/use Claw(Basic Attack)
/use Bite(Basic Attack)
/use Smack(Basic Attack)
(BM and SV only) As of patch 8.1, Intimidation will now charge your target, similar to how Kill Command acts. It is useful to have a mouseover macro associated with Intimidation to quickly swap to your desired target.

#showtooltip Intimidation
/use [@mouseover,harm,nodead]Intimidation
Spirit Mend
(BM only) Spirit Mend has become a huge part of our survivability as well as a huge perk for your group. Using it properly on you, your tank or even friendly NPCs can save your run. This macro allows you to cast Spirit Mend on whomever you desire. Make sure to take it off of auto-cast.

#showtooltip Spirit Mend
/use [@mouseover,help,nodead][@focus,help,nodead][@player]Spirit Mend
Call Pet
(BM and SV only) Often times you’ll engage in combat and simply forget to call your pet. Adding this to your Kill Command ability will simply call the first pet in your stable if you attempt to use Kill Command with no active pet.

#showtooltip Kill Command
/cast [pet] Kill Command; Call Pet 1
Casts Misdirection on your current mouseover target or your focus target. If neither of those two targets exist, you will cast Misdirection on your pet.

#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists]Misdirection
Aspect of the Turtle Cancel Aura
It is recomended to have a separate button or shift modifier to cancel your Aspect of the Turtle. You may attach this to Aspect of the Turtle itself, however you risk double pressing it.

/cancelaura Aspect of the Turtle

Useful Addons

If you don’t use any Addons, I highly suggest getting some. Addons such as Weak Auras make the game easier and other Addons make your UI easier to read. You can download most off the internet or get it from your Curse client!

GottaGoFast or Angry Keystones
These addons change your keystone timer and enemy forces tracker, allowing for customization and easier to read formats.

Method Dungeon Tools
This addon is probably the single most useful addon you can get. It helps to plan your routes, strategies and pull patterns. Every NPC in BFA has been mapped out and can be viewed and shared with others on an interactive map. Definitely worth checking out if you don’t have it.

Details! is a super handy addon that tracks you and your groups damage breakdown, deaths, interrupts, damage received, etc. This will allow you to go over any mistakes and to see your overall damage, allowing you to research and improve yourself from dungeon to dungeon.

WeakAuras 2
Weak Auras 2 is an extremely useful framework that allows for customizable graphics and texts to be displayed. This can be used to help with your rotation, help to notify you of certain mechanics or just to remind you to summon your pet! You can make your own, or there are a ton of useful WeakAuras over at that others have publically shared. I have a list of useful Weak Auras that I use for dungeons in the section below

Important Weak Auras

If you don’t use any Weak Auras, I highly suggest getting some. Weak Auras make Mythic+ worlds easier. You can download the addon here or get it from your Curse client!

Targeted Spells
This weakaura will indicate who is targeted by a certain abilities throughout each dungeon. This is a must have for DPS to indicate incoming damage on yourself or others. Hunters can use this information to heal others with Spirit Mend, or to avoid certain spells with Feign Death (and Shadowmeld if you’re Alliance)

ZenTracker Interrupt Tracker and Nnoggie’s Front End Party CDs
Nnoggie has made an awesome set of Weakauras that track your entire party’s cooldowns and interrupts. He’s put it into a nice display attached to party frames to make things easier to read. I highly suggest incorporating this into your UI as it makes Mythic+ way easier in terms of communication. It’s also fairly customizable so you’re free to add or delete certain spells and abilities at will.

Pull Percent
Pull Percent is a super useful Weakaura that tells you what your ending trash percentage will be when you’re done with the current pack you’re in combat with. In can get a little skewed with Teeming, but overall it’s a very useful Weakaura to have when you’re doing keys (more so as a tank).

Azortharion’s Barbed Shot Helper
Azor has created an up-to-date Barbed Shot helper which essentially plays the game for you. It tells you when to refresh assuming you have Dance of Death traits. It maximizes your Frenzy up time for prolonged fights. You may have to adjust it slightly to account for Mythic+ but in general it’s a phenomenal Barbed Shot tracker. He also updates it fairly frequently.

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